Rest, Renew and Relax at Moulin de Chaves

Rest, Relax and Renew

with Gail Aylward
9th August – 14th August, 2021

Language: English

What a year it has been!… A year when our general sense of certainty has been thrown out the window, when that what we have taken for granted can no longer be taken for granted and when the health and well being of ourselves and our loved ones has been deeply challenged.

This last year has been a struggle for many of us, and continues to be, as the continued impact of the pandemic,  Covid-19 and confinement, has lead to stress, anxiety and uncertainty.

This week offers an opportunity to cultivate self-care and compassion in these trying times, and an opportunity to rest, relax and renew the nervous system. Using the tools of mindfulness meditation, gentle Hatha Yoga, restorative yoga, plus some breath work, to help unhook from a busy and maybe anxious mind, and orientate the  attention in that which is certain, this body, this breath. With caring attention, we invite a letting go, a releasing, whilst cultivating a relaxation and non-doing.

Never more so than now have we needed these practices

The days will unfold with mostly silence and some interaction with others. As well as morning practices of gentle mindful yoga and meditation, and restorative practices in the afternoon, there will be the opportunity to meet with Gail one to one to discuss any aspect of your practice. There will also be plenty of unstructured time with which you can relax in the beautiful grounds of Le Moulin, bathe in the river, hire canoes or bikes from the neighbouring campsite, enjoy the delicious home cooked organic food, or just enjoy walking in the surrounding forested hills.

“Don’t try to make the present moment peaceful, make peace with the present moment”

This retreat will be held at the Moulin de Chaves.

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Aug 09 - 14 2021


All Day